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Clock integrated into the Radio - Your views please

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BMW wants to integrate the digital clock - now in the roof lining - into the Radio.

To the driver this means you have 1 display to do 2 jobs. The position is much better, but you would set up the radio to have an auto display clock. So after 3 seconds of nothing being pressed on the radio, the clock would appear.

Advantages I see - cost (maybe only to BMW), logical position, automatc changing display

Disadvantages I see - all the information is not always available, diffenerent drivers may want different setup, complex (unless you read the handbook - and who does??)

PLEASE tell me. as a MINI fan what you think. I am just as interested in the NOT BOTHERED, WHO NEEDS A CLOCK answers for example as the NO WAY or YES - IT MAKES SENSE.

In 2 years when it happens, don\'t say I didn\'t warn you, or give you a chance to have your say.

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Most after-fit radios come with clocks anyway, it would make sense to have a clock in the radio display.

But...why don\'t they put an analogue clock in the car? After all it is retro and cool! Digital clocks are so dull and boring nowadays.
I am wondering why they didn\'t do this in the first place? I see no prob in putting it in the radio. Take the extra money saved and build my adjustable armrest! ;)
From driving it over the weekend, the current clock placement works very well. There if you want it, but doesn\'t remind you about the time if you don\'t - much better than constantly being reminded that the weekend is drawing to a close and you must give the car back to the dealer the next day!
I would prefer there to be a separate clock, since I listen to the radio a lot whilst driving and would prefer to have the station name displayed (courtesy of RDS, Radio Data System for non-European readers) instead of the time. The Ford Ka has a separate analogue (or analog) clock which must be fairly expensive to produce, so the MINI ought to have a separate clock.

My solution to all of this would to have a delete option for the existing clock, and have a selectable option on the radio to display the time for those that want it. (Indeed such an option may already exist, especially on European radios with RDS.) Then everyone will be happy...
I\'ve got a great gizmo - It\'s called a watch - It straps on to my wrist and I get to take it everywhere with me!
Who needs a clock cluttering up the roof lining? Put it in the radio, and make the car more affordable. Alternatively, put it in the rev. counter where the trip computer would go, and just add a clock to the trip computer option (if hasn\'t one already).
I like where the clock is currently - this gives everyone in the car a chance to see the time - \"Are we tere yet?... Are we there yet?... Are we there yet?...\"
I don\'t think having it in the radio is a good idea.

This is my 2p...

My truck doesn\'t have a clock. My old Z has an analog clock but it quit working years ago. There is a digital clock in the aftermarket radio, but it only shows when the radio is off or if I press a button when it is on, otherwise it shows the station. It is hard to see anyway. My hobby is metal detecting on the beach and I have found about 50 watches, so a clock in the car is not important to me. I can take it or leave it.
I think that the clock is fine where it is but maybe it would look better being an analogue so as to keep in with the new retro styling.
I agree with Tim. During my test drive I took little interest in the time. With the clock in its current position it is there if you want to look, if not you can ignore it. I think when you are spending between £10300 and £15000 on the car, moving it to the radio is not going to save a great deal of money in the long term.
A nice analog clock in the roof postion is what I\'d like. Oh, and make sure the hands LIGHT UP at night like the speedo and tach needles. Ahhhhh... perfect.

Leave the radio to display the station or the CD track, etc.
I\'d concur with most of the posts - the clock in the roof is OK but an analogue one would be better.

How long before some dude buys the MINI accessory clock with the cuckoo Cooper and bolts it in his/her car?!
I too am satisfied w/ the clock\'s current position. And unless that digital clock is multifunction (timer, calendar, compass, whatever) I\'d like it better as a matching analog clock.
Either way, please see to it that it dims way down. Bright instruments in one\'s periphery are terribly distracting at night.

Thanx for being so democratic, ICEman! (Now about that armrest...)
Thanks for the views - keep them coming - armrests are in the post to all you guys.

There is no plan for an analogue clock, so we may as well leave that now. The choice will be to leave the digital clock in the roof OR have an integrated clock in teh Radio where the display will only show Radio display or Clock display at 1 time.

Your comments about watches do have a point, but somehow, all Mini drivers don\'t expect a watch with the car when they buy it - although strapping one to the steering wheel may not be a bad idea!!

ICEman, you stumbled onto something! How about giving a free watch with the purchase of a MINI. It could have the MINI logo on it so everyone will know you have one. The watches could be made in colors to match the car. (If you suggest this and it goes, I\'ll expect a small commission.) :)
Another fine idea from the House of Diet - Buy a Magnolia faced Illuminated Smiths Clock from any Mini Parts Specialist and fit it where the digital clock is. Use an upturned single instrument pod to house it and voila! A Genius tonight fuelled by many cans of brown nectar! 8D
I wasn\'t really going to comment much on the MINI until I\'ve had it the full week (see general discussion), but as you\'re asking I really like the clock where it is, we were just talking about that earlier, and it was agreed it is good as it is. In the stereo, in my opinion, would be pretty crap by comparison.

I havent seen the MINI yet but from past cars that I have driven I would say that the clock is better in the roof as I find it anoying on my dads jeep which has the clock on the radio as you cant easly change it with out taking your eyes of the road for any length of time. (hope that makes sense Im nackered).
I don\'t wear a wrist watch, so I must have a clock in the car. Existing position is fine with me, although I would prefer an analogue clock to a digital one.

I also like the clock where it is.

Many think an analougue clock may look better, but, with regards to driving, in my opinion it is faster to read a digital clock. Meaning you don\'t have to take your eyes off the road for so long.
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