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Clubber Failed

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Poodling along the M4 by Bristol yesterday (cruise control @ 75) when suddenly the cruise control and radio swithed off.
After a further half mile I had a selection of warning lights and the engine started hunting and eventually stopped.
With the assistance of other drivers who noticed my plight I managed to coast from the outside lane to the hard shoulder.
By this time the car was dead. :frown:

MINI emergency services were very good :cool::cool: and I was picked up within 90 minutes and taken to to my intended destination - Oxford.
The car has now been collected by the local dealer and I am awaiting the arrival of a hire car.

What I found this morning was that on inserting the ignition key I had a symbol of a car on a ramp.
The engine did start, when tried, at which time the display changed to a dial with a set of zeros underneath.
It was enough to get it onto the breakdown truck, but it sounded sluggish and the window travelled up and down at about a third of its normal speed.

Hopefully this will be no more than an errant sensor somewhere:aargh:

My observations while standing by a very busy, very sunny M4 for 90 minutes was that there are not manny clubmans about -- I did not see even one.
Saw plenty of Coopers and S's although not one of them flashed or waved at a fellow Mini in distress. :hmph:

I will post an update on the problem when Clubber returns.

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Sorry to hear of your plight, Del. Sounds like a problem with the alternator to me.
Well spotted BB, it was indeed a faulty alternator.
I now have a new on fitted plus a new battery.

A word of appreciation for North Oxford Mini who carried out the repair in an efficient and friendly manner.
They tell me this is the first one they have known to have failed on the R56 range.

What intrigues me though is that with what appears to be and almost endless selection of warning lights and pretty pictures on the OBC available WHY oh WHY is there not one that indicates a problem with the charging circuit.
Seems preferable to suddenly losing everything, as I did, in the fast lane of the M4

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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