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Clubman - 3 vs 4 Cylinders Worth the upgrade to S?

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I'm buying a Clubman and wondered if the 3 cylinder is sufficient for every day use. My main concern is if the car is loaded with passengers and their gear, is the 3 cylinder going to be enough.

What's your take?

Stick with the 3 cylinder or upgrade to the S? Will the 3 cylinder get the job done when climbing hills with passengers?
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If you're regularly carrying loads and travelling up hills and alot of miles, I would say maybe consider diesel engines or if you want sportier drive "SD" variant.

The standard 4 cylinder engines or if you want sportier drive "S" or "JCW" variant if you don't travel many miles

I would maybe consider the 3 cylinder engine if only driving around city centre.

The less stress you're putting on the engine the better i.e models with forced inductions.

Or maybe consider cars with cylinder deactivation.
Thank you! I am going to go with the S... I appreciate your response
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