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Clubvan R55 Questions: does clubvan have a spare wheel well?

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Hi mini2

as clubvan looks cute I am looking at a club van as a little work runaround van. It will have to be the petrol as my city is going to have a clean air zone. only the clubvan petrol has EU6 certification which is a shame.

I was thinking maybe I could install an LPG tank in the spare wheel well?
So does the R55 clubvan have a spare wheel well under the cargo bay?

One other question is I've had bmw diesels in the past and the problem with buying a 2nd hand bmw diesel is the engine gets coked up. This causes regen problems with the dpf and the dash lights up like blackpool illuminations. If you ever buy a bmw diesel 2nd hand you must get it walnut blasted. Therefore is mini the same? I am wondering will the mini clubvan petrol have the same issue as I assue it is direct injection and built at bmw factory in warickshire?
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