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I love driving and everything to do with it.

Unfortunately my MINI Cooper does not feel as smooth as it should. Its an 05 plate with almost 40k on the clocks. It has 1k to go before its last free service from the TLC pack.

The problems:

Upon starting the steering often clicks as its being turned. 'Notchy' is the word I would use to describe it.

The gearbox feels like the stick is grinding against something when changing gears, and often clunks into gear. As if the gear mesh is damaged? My dads 14 year old Escort and my 12 year old Rover were alot smoother. So much so that I would much prefer to drive either of those.

Can anyone help with these thingS? I know they are both weaknesses on the MINI. I want to get it smooth ASAP because its really putting a downer on my driving and makes me mad and irritable.

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