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Hi everyone!
(First post fyi)
So a few days ago I went to drive my 03 Mini Cooper S (R53) and noticed that my clutch pedal easily went to the floor and it was really hard to get it into gear/shift. The pedal would come back up on its own but when I went to press it, there was very little resistance.
After doing research I've come to the conclusion there is an issue either with my slave or master cylinder, or possibly the hose.
Today, I bled the slave a little to see if I could get any air bubbles out, but there were none. And there is no leak at the slave or master...
Tomorrow my plan is to bleed the entire thing and fill with new fluid (the old fluid was old and gross) and see if that changes anything?
Right now I am thinking there is an issue within my master cylinder but I'm not sure :(
Has anyone had a similar issue or possibly know what is wrong?
I really appreciate any input! Thank you!
Also, keep in mind I am financially independent college student (no ma or pa to help pay) so I can't afford to take it to the shop to spend thousands on labor... aha
Thanks once again :)
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