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Hello all,
The clutch on my R56 is worn, it slips when I accelerate full throttle in 3rd gear or higher, and occasionally makes a growl noise when moving off from stationary. I have done 80,000km on this clutch and I think (reading back through the service papers that came with it when I bought it) this is the original clutch, if so then it has lasted 140,000km of mostly city driving.
Question time.
1) how easy is this as a DIY-job, considering that I don't have a hoist and that the clutch is slipping too much to get it up on ramps.
2) If DIY, are there any specialist tools needed e.g. BMW part !003-c-xy-321-!!-ARGH to remove the Splinket-GrunnionLuberwaften Thrust Gerflarken, or similar obscure parts?
3) What are the arguments For/Against replacing the Dual Mass Flywheel with a Single Mass flywheel?
3.5) genuine or aftermarket clutch plate, if aftermarket any recommended brands?
4) any estimates of Cost of getting a service centre to do this job?

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