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Good day to you,

I have a 2002 Mini Cooper (Base), with a 5 speed Manual Transmission. The Odometer reads 200,100 miles, motor was replaced with a motor that has 25k currently. The Transmission/Clutch are the original OEM as told by the previous owner.

The current situation:

After vehicle is started, has a vary loud whine coming from what I feel is the Gearbox. Immediately after pressing and holding the Clutch the whining completely stops. please see my tweet below for the actual video of my vehicle and the described situation.
Are the differential bearings done? Is it the clutch?

Also note the front wheels will not rotate when on the ground. On jack stands they spin freely.
I can also shift through the transmission with no problem, I suspect low transmission oil the cause for the difficult shifting.

The clutch as you can see in the video can be pressed fully down and will spring right back up.

Western Skillet on Twitter: "2002 mini cooper non S. 200kmiles Clutch is toast ? Also, able to shift into gear with out clutch, and car wants to die. Breaks seem to have air in the line or hydraulic pump failing, powersteering wines when I turn to the right #minicooper #clutch #mechanic #technician #Cooper" / Twitter

Another thing to note, attached are images of my Driver Side and Passenger Side Axel. the Drive Side seems normal, however the Passenger side seems to have a noticeable gap possibly slightly out and my power steering pump and fan are covered in what appears to be the darkest Transmission oil I have ever seen. i will get a picture of that later today.
Did the Seal Break? has the Axle come out enough, was it forced out ?

So far, i've ordered Valeo Clutch kit and rear main seal as those tend to wear out. I only recently notice the axle and all the fluids and thinking about replacing, the boots on them look great, i was told those were recently replaced 10k miles ago. if anyone can offer some tips and feedback, i'd really like to this one back on the road and will happily take pictures and video of the process i went through to make vehicle road safe and operational. also taking to a mechanic is really hard during the holiday season, specially when the front wheels dont spin freely.



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