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Co Pilot or Tom Tom Nav 3

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I'm planning to get in a few weeks time a Mio 168 PDA with GPS..I've decided definatley on a PDA rather than a stand alone GPS unit..the site I shall probably get it from has it bundled with either Tom Tom Nav 3 or Co Pilot Live...knowing that you fab lot out there have worldy experiance in these matters, which is the better of the two or are they both the same??..the Co Pilot is bundled at £35 more that the Nav 3....Thanks in advance.. :)
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I've got TomTom 3, and have had no problems with it, but you have to be carefull when specifiying an address in a region with lots of roads with the same name.

Lots of advice here -

Mark :indi:
The Co pilot live software is version 5 and a very new release indeed. it is the only one that recognises the new M6 toll road and also warns you when you enter the London Congestion zone. It is excellent.

Also if you get an aux input you can plug your Mitac Mio 168 into your head unit and it will play your mp3s at same time as copilot navigates you. Copilot sounds excellent through the car speakers, as professional as a built in car nav system. Indeed the maps will be better than most built in systems.

I have copilot with the mtac mio168.

Before you buy, make sure you check out too!
thanks for your imput guys :)..just one more question, as Im running a G4 Mac, can you foresee any problems I may have d/loading software updates and transfering them to the Mio 168, as I understand it it will have the windows 2003 software on the pda......or does the gps software d/load straight from a phone point for updates?.
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