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I've hardly had time to post as been too busy driving Cosi. She arrived last week just in time for Christmas, presi for the wife "honest".

What can I say Fantastic and I echo GrahamG, (almost identical spec Graham BRG white roof also) the 17" alloys and MFSW are just brilliant.

Problem though, we are getting so much attention in the car (people just grin at you and you can only grin back) that to honour the MINI name I have to wash it every morning as it emerges from the garage. Can't have people seeing her dirty, she'll blush and the British roads are so dirty at this time of year.

I'm going mad and as I was seen washing her at minus -1c at 07:30 this morning I'm starting to worry that this car may be making me anal-retentive!:p :D :D :D
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