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For those who are not sure of what BFD is in BMW cars, essentially you have the ability to make your tail lights blink in an emergency braking situation. I've attached a video of what this looks like below. Note that my rear fogs also light up upon braking only because I have coded them as an added brake light, if you don't have this codded they will remain off when braking.

With Bimmercode expert mode you can do this on both the Union Jack and Non Union Jack tail lights. My cooper has halogens in the rear. As far as I know, this will work with all F-series coopers but not for R-series as the coding for them is a bit different. Here are the steps to follow in Bimmercode

In BDC change these settings:




ESS_BLINKFREQ_1 and _2 to 5Hz

You have the option of enabling your four-way flashers when arriving at a complete stop in an emergency braking situation. To do that enable this setting. I have it disabled.

WB_GB_ENABLE = active

The flashers will turn off upon letting go of the brake and resuming speed

You can also adjust the settings of the speed at which you want the BFD to occur and what level of braking you would like them to activate. For example, BFD occurs at 40km/h at weak braking of 5m/s. To change this setting you can change it in Body Domain Controller and expert mode is not needed.

F55 Brake Force Display Video

Keep in mind that this may or may not be legal depending on where you live. I know for some States you cannot have any flashing lights of any colour and blinking tail lights is considered flashing and a ticketable offence. Not sure of what the laws are on this in Canada.

(Please don't be the guy that has this enabled at weak braking and the drivers behind you are getting annoyed because they're getting flashed every time you come to a stop)
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