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Coilovers to R53

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Can anyone recommend street coilovers that will fit R53 and will not drop it too low? I have recently bought R53 with lowering springs installed, and there is no way I'm keeping it this way - ride is nice but rear tires keep hitting the fender even if my 10 year old daughter sits at the back...

I need it a bit higher than this: (current state)
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so to narrow down:
16-step damping adjustment:


or 32-step damping adjustment:


Price with shipping seems similar, so it will come down to: who has any bad experience with any of the above?
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What brands are those coilovers in your pics?
I have APs on mine, which are height adjustable, but not rebound.
They drop the car 30-60mm.
Mine could go a little higher - I haven't got them for 'stance' reasons, for ride and handling.
This is the height they sit at currently.
I can load the boot up with a trolley jack,wheels with tyres, tools and the rear tyres don't rub.
And my wheels are ET 38 instead of you ET48 so the have 10mm more 'poke', offset, stick out and still don't rub.
Is cost an issue .... or are you 'cost no issue?'


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Pink = godspeed, Green is Rev9.
I'm cost no issue ;-) Shipping paperwork and duties are, so I am limited to amazon/ebay as they make it super easy. Paperwork for stuff brought directly from UK is just not worth the hassle for me...

Based on what I see, mine is stupidly lowered and anything I chose will be at least inch higher than what I have today! THANKS!
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