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Comfort Opening (the bane of my life)

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I hate comfort opening :mad:

OK so a couple of weeks a go my wife came home and said did you know your roof is open?

Well funnily enough i didnt, it had opened itself, luckily it had been caught early and the weather was fine.

So i wake up this morning sun shining, nice and crisp outside. Open my son's curtains to find yet again the roof open and windows down.

I went out there and noticing it had raind heavily last night, found puddles of water every where in the car. :mad:

So can i have this feature turned off :confused:

The comfort opening doesnt even work when i want it to, i have to be right up close to the car before it will work. I really dont see the point, surley the point is opening the car before you get there, looking all :cool: . But no mine either opens when i'm next to the car, which if anyone opens the door it stops it, or when i'm in the house minding my own business.

I'm not sure if i'm sitting on the key fob and triggering it? but where i sit is a good 15m away and through a brick wall.

Anyway its back to the dealers tomorrow for a diag check so i will ask them to turn it off and dry it out, i think i'll have to drive there sitting on a towel.
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Sound's like a fault of the car not from Comfort opening-As you say you have to be right near the car to get it to open. Get the dealer to pick it up and let them sit in your Soggy seat :(
I wish i could get mine to open that easy :(

I've only gotten it to halfway open once and even then, i didnt feel very cool at all standing there next to the car mashing on the key button like a tard..

sorry to hear about the puddles in your car.. i stopped in a hamburger stand yesterday and it started raining while i was inside.. i had to run out to close the top before any serious damage had occured.. that was pretty funny though
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