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Convertible color survey?

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Anyone know how to set up a color survey for the convertible (like they have in the MCS forum) and make it sticky? I'd love to know the color distribution of the new model.
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I did some tables for the MC's and MCS's a little while back.....

Currently there are 103 MCSC's, 79 MCC's, and 24 MOC's to be found by
searching the Members List.......You can search for each model by specific
colour combos and tabulate a list for each, but I don't have time to do it
right now, and it may be best to wait a couple months for the numbers to
grow some.
Feel free to explore, that's what this site is for!
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or you could just create a poll and ask members to vote too:)

if you list the options you want on it I can add one to this thread for you;)
There was this thread started Aug 11th. Not sure why it hasn't gotten more visibility lately. It asks a slightly different question - "what is your favorite convertible color" not "what color did you buy" - but the results should give you some insight into color choices.
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