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Jus thought I would post a few comments about my new CVT MCC which I picked up on Friday.

I found the transmission a little jumpy at first - but that was probably just me getting used to the car! The jolt that you experience on most automatics as the car moves through the gears is definately not there. But I did find the acceleration a little rough at times - however I'm not sure if thats due to the car still needing to be run in as it seemed to improve over the course of the weekend (drove the car about quite a bit!). I cant really comment on whether the MCC is more sluggish as I havent driven the tin top. But the MCC handles really well and I found it absolutely super to drive.

I found the automatic rain sensor wipers a bit tempremental at times (they did have to do lots of work over the weekend as it tipped down most of the time, and today now that I'm back at work the sun has come out - typical!!).

I did read other posts commenting that the convertible feels a bit claustrophobic - however I didnt think that - but then I am quite small! (5ft2). The rear visibility is very restricted, but I soon got used to that.

I went for the codorba beige interior which is beautiful, and goes really well with the BRG - however the floor mats are beige too and with all the wet weather this weekend they are already looking rather grubby, so I'm probably going to replace them with black mats which I think will be more practical.

Overall I absolutely love the new mini convertible - it was definately worth the 6 month wait!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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