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Convertible fault code meanings

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Does anyone know what these fault codes mean? Thanks in advance for your help is greatly appreciated.


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My convertible top will slide to the sunroof postion only, it flashes red and will not go down. Thanks
shows open circuit to roof locks both sides, might be a fuse or broken wire or at worst body control module fault, needs a good auto electrician if not just a fuse
Thanks for the info! I somehow made switch code 24 go away for the right side lock, i just need to get fault code 28 left switch to also reset. Do you know how to get to those switches I dont see any wires by the driver roof locking mechanism for a switch. Thanks
sorry i dont have much to do with soft top cars as so time consuming and sometimes the faults are main dealer only . thats said do know how the systems work to a degree, have a hydraulic pump that has reals and valves some work cables some work levers, the rams have travel switches built in to them that wen the ram comes to a set point it switches on or off the power to that ram or cable, i have in past worked a few out by using a number of volt meters across such switches and worked out what the system was seeing to what it needed to keep working,, a lot of swearing then to find the parts are main dealer only and cant just buy the switch or sensor or find fault lives in body control module,,, where a main dealer workshop would plug in and would find the break in the system in 20 minutes something that had taken me 4 hours or more as dont have the system to plug in to it,,
this all said you wont see much until you pull all the panels off and prob rear seats and start checking with volt and ohms meter ie check all sensors and switches have reading and no reading at right time depending on the travel of the roof if that makes sense,,, i've been repairing cars for over 35 years now nothing fazes me or makes we think i cant do it,, but these roof mechs come very close and very time consuming
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Thanks for all your help, I will remove all the panels and see what I can figure out.
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