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I have been thinking about changing up from my Mini One to a Cooper S but haven't been able to make up my mind which one. I run another car as a track day car which is an expensive luxury as it gets little other use. I had been considering a JCW MCS as a replacement for both cars. I tried a MCSC recently and liked it a lot but didn't think it could do the same dual role trick.

However, last night Tiff was blasting a MCSC round Angelsey circuit on Fifth Gear and blowing a Brabus Smart Roadster into the weeds in the process. His time was similar to mine there (but then he's a much quicker driver). But times aren't everything ("No timing at track days honest - your honour"). What is more important is how much fun it is and whether your car survives the experience.

I know its early days but has anyone tried their MCSC on the track?
Any views on whether the JCW upgrade works on the convertible or whether it just exposes the compromises made when chopping the roof off?
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