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Evening All,

I need some advice on what the problem could be, or at least maybe an estimate on costs.

The Problem...

Today we DID have the soft top down, and was working fully. However after stopping at a relatives for four hours, we came back out... and the roof would not retract on the drivers side, however the passenger side would.

It seemed that the roof would not 'unlock', the small hook on the drivers side was ignoring the instruction. At the same time you can hear the motor pulling and retracting, the windows retract and then the red light signals, when the system cannot (obviously) retract fully.

So i would point at the pulley possibly on the drivers side. However since the other side has stopped working now too :frown:.

So i have taken some pictures of the side of the convertible 'arms' and to be honest can see no damage, or anything untoward. Which makes it even more strange! Maybe im missing something?


Ive read a few threads and i think points to the pulleys, and cost seems to be over a grand (hurray). Im going to contact MINI Mania, as well as the dealers... and No its not under warranty.

Can anyone see a problem with these arms? Also can anyone offer a good idea of cost (i know it MAY be over a grand). Does the whole roof really need to be replaced when the motors and everything else are working? Surely its just pulleys?


P.S What a great day :frown:






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Sounds like the same as what happened to mine, as it jammed like this before the plastic snapped and it failed completely.

Its not a whole roof as the parts within the arm can be ordered and replaced, but its not going to be cheap.

If you are out of warranty then check out one of the site sponsors who can do roof work;) Sorry can't remember who it was, but its the other threads about this subject.

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G'day Guys (Dave from Oz here)

I know most of you are from the UK, but I wanted to share my story with you and see if i can get a bit more ammo for the fight I have on my hands!!

So we have a 05 R52 Cabrio with 45000 K's on the clock..
Out of warranty (It seemed to only have 2yrs?????)
We decided we needed to sell the thing as we (Partner and I) are involved in the mining over here.

So we had bloke from a car yard come to test drive it, took it for a spin, opened and closed the roof a few times, at least three times that I saw.. He made a stupid offer so we left it at that..
Two days later (the car hadn't been driven)

I picked it up and tried to put the top down, now at this point only the sunroof area would retract and then nothing else on the 2nd action.. Check everything was correct parcel shelve wise and all was ok, close and tried again, same thing..
Next day tried again and this time the drivers side wouldnt disconnect at all, the left tried to come back but made a twisting movement, basically left only moving.

I then realise that there is a massive problem
So.. Took it into the local and ONLY BMW dealer in Perth (The car didn't get purchased from the dealer) They had the car for the whole afternoon and then rang me and advised that the roof is damaged (no idea how, and I quote.. Oh we don't know the history of the car, but there could be 1000 reasons why its damaged) she then said, the repair is going to cost 6-8K (2900-3880 sterling!!!!) I was shocked to say the least and really couldn't get it into my head!!
I went down the the dealer and was told that
"The roof wouldnt retract from the right hand side, they put it down manually and it twisted" they said "the car/roof has been forced or damaged for this to occur"

WHICH IT HAS NOT!! - The car just has 100% never been damaged by us and was working not more than a couple of weeks ago (this has been going on for a week now)

She (dealer) basically said "I know this isn't the ideal outcome but we have never had a problem like this with any other mini's" SURELY THAT'S BULLSHI*?? " That she couldn't help and that we should try our insurance as they wont deal with it anymore"

Shocked, I drove home, thinking about the whole situation.. This has to be crap as We haven't done anything to it..

So I returned today and spoke to another bloke at the dealership, took my friend who is in the car trade (who also thinks this stinks) - We asked if because the right hand side didn't disengage that the motor could of twisted the rest of the roof out of wack?" Not damage from us.. He offered up that this might be correct, as there is zero sign of damage on the roof!

ALSO - I found a broken bit of what looked like plastic about mid way along the drivers side roof arm (mid way near top of door) Ill attach a pic. I questioned this and he said that this wasn't the cause but IS a part of the whole system.. That i'm almost certain was damaged by BMW.. but how can I prove that.. I asked " Surely if that was fixed that would have some kinda of effect on the car" .. received a very mixed and shady " Maybe.."

So we are left with this -

He has said they are going to ring BMW this week (Tues) as we have a public holiday here.
And ask for bmw to pay for the roof.. the part alone on the system/paperwork is $9995 (4777 sterling) which is 1/3 of the cost of the car!

Its beyond stress the whole situation, but I just feel we aren't being told the truth somewhere.
I'm a young (30) tattooed lad, one that doesn't fit the BMW look, they all clam up when I turn up there and the atmosphere is one of " get him out of here as fast as possible "

Their fault is judging me on that, as I'm pooling as much info to hammer them with..

So I guess what I am asking..

Is what, or how can I get this resolved?
They clearly just want to wash their hands of it..
BTW they charged me $450 for a inspection, oil change and report on the car

AND - now i'm left with a 3 or 4mm gap at the very front of the roof (where it joins the windscreen) as they couldn't close it properly..

So not only do we have a convertible that doesn't work, but one that isn't watertight any more..

Its a really ****ed situation ..:puzzled:




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Sounds like a snaped cable, happend to ours last year, got ours fixed on a AA waranty but when they were deciding if to pay or not i phoned the stealers, they wanted £1300 to fix it, the independent garage that did fix it said it would cost £600.
Sorry its not better news
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