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Bellevue, WA USA
July 24, 2004
All British Field Meet

First off - sorry, I dodn't read these board often - if everyone has already seen the S convertible and there have been dozens of photo threads then I'm sorry in advance... if you enjoy the pics, cool.

I was at the Washington State All British Field Meet today and Northwest MINI had a pre-production MINI Convertible there. I took a couple of snapshots of this car... which I posted at:

main things I noted...
1) LED daytime running lights

2) mini buttons on front of multi-function wheel
3) option package they had simulated on the car pushes the speedo and tack to steering column

4) NO buttons on back of wheel:

5) antenna on front of car:

6) Still has blank in the rear foglight position (this is in the US remember.. they will sell the switch and enable it for ~$70 USD)
7) has some sort of sensors in bottom of temp control

8) Oil/water/gas (told it was optional) center display that bumps speedo to steering column

Some other shots of it (more on the site):


Now in Hot Orange
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JB77 said:
are those black roll over bars an option?
Is that the look if you don't take the chrome line interior?
(I was told by my dealer that it does affect the look of the roll over bars - Although he may have said they were matt if you didn't - I can't recall exactly).

By the look of the instruments it doesn't look like its got that option.

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