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Convertible top problems

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I cant get my top to work on R57. I've checked the micro switches. Fuses,and relays.
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If you have checked the parcel shelf is in lower position, the easy access handles are correctly located on each side (sensor is on left) and the micro switches are working then get an OBD2 code reader for a Mini and see what the roof module brings up, there should be a code. Rare for the actual op switch to fail. There are also hal sensors under the mid roof cover where the sunroof motor and cables are hidden.
It all started when I took my car to have new speakers and a amp installed. When I came to pick up my car the top didn't work at all. I have taken the car back to them 3 times and they can't find the problem. So I took the car to a convertible top repair shop and he put it on the scanner and checked everything and he couldn't find anything either. I did check the parcel shelf also.
Well, if the audio folk cannot fix it I would be retracing their steps myself to see what they may have done, starting at the fuses and working my way to the hood module and motor behind the left hand boot panel as you look from the back of the car. I would take that off (couple of fixings hidden behind the back seat seen when folded down. Inspect the connections to the module and motor and if you have a meg meter, test for 12v.
Thanks for that information. I also noticed that the convertible top is not locked keeps popping up while I'm driving. It goes off and on. So I'm sure there's a connection problem somewhere. I'm going to try what you suggested and checking the installation that those guys did
Ahah, if the locks are not engaging then you have a problem with the sunroof motor and probably the plastic cog in the drive. This is located midway back in the roof under the large plastic cover that pulls off.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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