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convertible top WILL NOT MOVE

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a couple weeks ago i got a 2010 mini cooper convertible base model with the n/a 1.6 n14. when i got the mini the switch for the map lights and convertible top, etc. was broken, so i got a new one and replaced it. thinking that my top would go down, i double check the levers in the trunk and make sure the shelf is set correctly then go and hold the switch, ha of course NOPE nothing at all. convertible top/sunroof does not respond AT ALL when i press the switch to bring it down. absolutely nothing happens at all in the top when i press the button. the only thing that i noticed was on the little screen on the tachometer/dash a YELLOW symbol of a mini with the top down and a big exclamation point over the trunk will come up. that symbol pops up on the tachometers little screen No noise in the top, no movement whatsoever, the top does not react at all. just the light on the dash. So i found the meaning of the light in the owners manual, one meaning is the top motor is overheating, the i took it to the only shop in the desert that is willing to work on BMW cars and told them the top won’t respond. basically after like 4 days i come back and they tell me that the ECU is reading that the top is opening and closing. and they pulled out the jack and where the spare tire is and showed me a bunch of water collected in the pan where the spare tire goes. they then told me that all the “modules” and “computers” for the soft top were underneath that metal and had most likely been shorted. So took it home and began tearing apart the trunk and come to find underneath the jack there are absolutely no wires or “modules” or anything under the trunk or where the jack goes it’s just 2 drain plugs that lead to the outside floor. the only thing i could find back there was on the drivers side up in the corner near the taillight, but none of that was wet or seemed to have ever been wet. so now i’m back to square one, 150 dollars down the drain for a diagnosis on the top and the only extra info i got is that the car thinks the top is opening and closing. any suggestions? am i missing something obvious? bit of a rant lol but i have been stressing about this since i got the car a few weeks ago and i really want to make some progress on the top. any ANY suggestions at all will be much much appreciated. the LAST thing i want to do is drive 150 miles to the nearest dealership and pay 3 grand. pls help!
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