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I did a quick check of the engine bay yesterday to find that my coolant was just below minimum. This fluctuated throughout the evening and went up quite a bit.

Nothing is leaking and everything is running as normal and at the same temperature as it always has.

My question is which coolant should I use? The car has always has blue coolant in it from purchase and my dad refilled it with the same stuff on the last service but i think it is all done.

I did a quick search and found that people saying Green coolant should be used but I have never seen green coolant in a mini, either blue or orange I think.

What should I buy? Will halfords own be ok? I think that is what was used before.


EDIT: thought i would add some more information to help get my answer.
I just checked certain things there, im at work so had to be quick. Underside of the oil cap there is no white substances or anything, just oil which is ok.
All around the coolant tank and everything running from it and too and from the radiator is clean, no white substances anywhere.
Also no leaks, yesterday i took the sheilds off the bottom of the car and there was nothing at all, just dirt.

So basically no leaking, it isnt going anywhere else, it has just run a bit low. 40000 mile service it was topped up, car now on 54000 miles almost.

So really my question is, what colour coolant and what sort?

Thankyou! :D:D

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the coolant in my cooper is blue, and like yourself it required a slight top up a few months ago.

after browsing around Halfords, etc I went to BMW dealer and bought a litre of BMW blue antifreeze and topped up to max level when cold.
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