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coolant loss

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I have a 2005 mini coopers r53

over the last 6 months it has been using approx 100 to 1500 mls of coolant

no signs of leak or overheating runs fine

no loss of performance and no error codes on emishions

I duid replace the coolant expansion tank and cap at one stage as there was a miniture hole only spoted under heat pressure

since the still the same probvlem

any one had this or an idea what it might be ?

thanks look forward to your input

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Have a look at the thermostat housing, shine a torch down and look to see if theres any signs of coolant on top of the gearbox - had a similar problem with the wifes 2005 Cooper loosing water - ran fine and never overheated, just had to top up expansion bottle every month.

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