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UPDATED: September 22,2014

Ok, well we have a coolant leak somewhere...along with our previous problem, which is an oil leak.

For a long time the car has had a probably with carbon emissions. My evidence is that the hatchback is covered with little black dots a day after a nice carwash (they come back fast). We have seafoamed it (vacuum lines, oil, fuel) 2 times in the last year and both times had a significant amount of smoke come out (Way More than most of the you tube videos). But, just recently it started to act like a diesel, by letting off thick black smoke periodically.

Oil Leak
The banjo bolt for the high pressure line feeding the turbo (connecting atop the turbo) is leaky. The red arrow and circle in the picture is pointing to the area I think it is leaking.... But, yellow circle in second picture showing where mechanic says it is leaking from...but way less oil near that part of the line...banjo bolt is usually covered in oil.
Oil Picture 1.jpg Oil Picture 2.jpg

Coolant Leak
Awhile ago we started to loose coolant on a regular basis...have to top up after a couple days from way below mini...reservoir almost empty sometimes. We have had a pressure test done on system and they didn’t find a leak…which I found odd.
First picture below is just reference to where the second picture is taken. The red circle is a hose not connected to anything on the one end....can't follow to other end, due to tiny engine compartment. Below this hose there sometimes evidence of leaking coolant (coolant found in yellow circle area).
Coolant Picture 1.jpg Coolant Picture 2.jpg

Our current Course of Action
1. We will try to replace the washers/gaskets on the banjo bolt for turbo oil leak.
2. Will check air filter (because I read somewhere that with black smoke being emitted, this could also be linked to air filter and/or the turbocharger).
3. Look into fuel filter replacement.

1. Would it help to remove intake pipe from turbocharger and check for play in the turbine shaft…I read something about this elsewhere.
2. Does anyone know what the hose circled in coolant picture is supposed to be attached to? or is it not supposed to be attached to anything and is simply some hose to vent freely?
3. Coolant leak started a month after getting aux water pump recall replaced...could this be the source of the problem?

Diagnostic codes that have showed up a few times

Footwell Module (FRM)
9CB6 - Headlight vertical aim control coil break
9CB7 - Headlight vertical aim control driver fault

Integrated Heating (IHS/IHKS/IHKA)
9C75 - Undervoltage or overvoltage
E719 - No message (kilometre reading/range, 0x330), receiver integrated automatic heating/air conditioning system/IHKS/IHS, transmitter instrument panel

Instrumental Cluster (INSTR)
9314 - Trip-odometer reset button

Digital Motor/Diesel Electronics (DME/DDE)
2AC1 - Oxygen sensor before catalytic converter, plausibility
2B2B - Throttle valve actuator, position monitoring
2B32 - Throttle valve actuator, control range
2ACD - Oxygen sensor after catalytic converter: Dynamics in coasting mode
2783 - Combustion misfires, several cylinders
277B - Combustion misfires, cylinder 4
2773 - Combustion misfires, cylinder 1
277F - Combustion misfires, cylinder 2

these codes are different than the ones listed out here but similar:

add a "w" to above link to make it work....need 15 posts on site before I am allowed to post an external link...

Car info
Mini Cooper S
Recalls done: Aux water pump & timing chain (but still sounds bad occasionally -.-)
Recalls not done: Exhaust/tail pipe (because reason for recall is just that it is too long and burns ankles)
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