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I have noticed that my consumption is fairly high and not in line with the onboard computer.

The onboard computer is showing an awarage of 4.2-4.5l/100km (67.27-62.77mpg) but when I fill the tank and divide by the milage I get around 5.1-5.6l/100km (55.38-50.40mpg)
Is this normal that is deviates so much? And is this not a fairly high consumption?

The driving style is extremely gentle, commuting highway with speeds ranging from 80-110km/h (50-68mph) and around 2x 50km (31mi) a day. Free flowing traffic, almost no city driving.
Mini Cooper D - 2007
Tire pressure on the high side.
Regularly serviced.
185000km (115000mi) on the clock

Any suggestions to lower my consumption and why it´s not in line with the onboard computer?


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My 2008 Cooper D Clubmeister returns a steady 61MPG but to check it properly your best to fill the tank right up to the top then drive it as you normally do then fill it again then divide the miles by the litres. Thats what I usually do and to be fair my car's computer is pretty accurate. My Clubby also has 139,000 miles under its belt!

My wifes Clubby (also a Dooper) has just under 60,000 miles and her car returns the same
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