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Cooper pulling to the Left!

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Wondering if anyone can offer any adivice?

My 53 plate Cooper Started pulling to the left after it got the Steering Column replaced, when I reported this to the Dealership (Fairbairn,Giffnock), they wanted to test drive it with me in it to confirm the Problem - So I drove first, loosend my grip of the Steering wheel and the car clearly went to the left! The Person I went out with then wanted to drive - To cut a long story short he blamed it on the road cambur and then proceeded to inform me that they can perform a test on the car that checks all components of the Steering but if it finds no problem then I would have to pay - Some Warranty!!.

It's just so frustrating because no car I have driven before has pulled to the left so badly and the dealer is just tring to side step the problem!!

Does any one have any advice on how I could handle this - I seem to have the worst luck with my Mini! :(
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There was an issue with MINI's produced < March 2002, see this thread.

Not sure whether this relates to your Cooper as you seem to experience the issue after a Steering Column replacement :confused:
My S is pulling to one side at the moment, if its not the tracking or that the balancing on the front wheels needs doing I expect it to be sorted free of charge
Thanks guys - I think its going to be another battle with the dealer!!! :mad:
First thing first they'll get you to do a wheel alignment on the BMW's KDS machine then if that doesn't sort it out..this is when they will get BMW/Mini to intervene. The bad thing is, KDS isn't covered by warranty so you got to pay for it (quite stupid IMHO - it's their problem yet we got to pay...)

Also have you tried rotating the tyres? The left tyre tends to wear out faster than the right one and that how my car was fixed.
You can get most things for free, its just about kicking up fuss. Give them hell!

They fitted a new steering column, and you are experiencing problems since then, doesn't take a genius to work out what the weak link is..

Camber does severly effect the MINI.
My advice is take your car on a flat piece of tarmac. A supermarket or shopping mall carpark is ideal.
If the car still pulls then you do have a problem.
sorry to revive this thread - but this is kind of on subject... I just got off the phone with Irvine MINI and they just told me that the alignment is only under warranty for the first 2000 miles and i'd have to pay to get my car aligned - and it's pulled since day one! i went in to get it serviced 3 days after i bought it - but i couldnt be without my car, and they couldnt give me a loaner because im only 18... is this guy just blowing smoke up my ass?
If the dealer accepts there may be a problem and cannot confirm whether there is or not without the testing (and will pay to correct any problem) - they should pay for the full cost of the diagnostic testing regardless of the outcome. Otherwise this is unreasonable.

If however the dealer says you are liable for the cost of re-alignment where it is proven the alignment problem has occured from general wear or tear, or from a component which may have been affected through kerbing - then its fair enough for you to pay for the diagnostic testing and any repair.

It would seem however from your original post, the dealer is happy to pay to correct a problem if its found.
they swapped the tires from right to left..... the problem seems to be gone! im wondering though, will this fix only be temporary?
To be sure if its gone for good you need 2 new tyres on the front,then drive bang in the middle of the road , and let go of the wheel.(common sense safety first of course.)
Single carriageway roads are almost always cambered which if you just drive on the left will pull left. Dual carriageways/ motorways also camber left but this time across all the
lanes, hence why you should use the test method above on a normal 'A' road.
Regards Roland GT Tuning :)
200 miles and now the pull is back - they better not deny me warranty work because i was in there 3 days after i bought the car with this problem, and said i'd come back... but no one told me there was only a 1200 miles warranty on alignment?? wtf?!
My S is puling to the left also

As I've got non stock rims and tyres on and had the front brakes replaced for AP Racing units I guess I'll have to pay for a BMW alignment test. :rolleyes:

One thing I have noticed is that the steering wheel oscillates very slightly from side to side when you tale your hands off the wheel. This is especially noticable at motorway speeds (you can feel the wheel vibrating even with your hands on it).
Wheel balancing - was done 4 weeks ago
Nuts all done up nice and tight
Tyres are 4 weeks old
Car has never been kerbed (it's only got 5000 miles on the clock)

Any ideas?

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