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Wondering if anyone can offer any adivice?

My 53 plate Cooper Started pulling to the left after it got the Steering Column replaced, when I reported this to the Dealership (Fairbairn,Giffnock), they wanted to test drive it with me in it to confirm the Problem - So I drove first, loosend my grip of the Steering wheel and the car clearly went to the left! The Person I went out with then wanted to drive - To cut a long story short he blamed it on the road cambur and then proceeded to inform me that they can perform a test on the car that checks all components of the Steering but if it finds no problem then I would have to pay - Some Warranty!!.

It's just so frustrating because no car I have driven before has pulled to the left so badly and the dealer is just tring to side step the problem!!

Does any one have any advice on how I could handle this - I seem to have the worst luck with my Mini! :(
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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