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Hi all,
I'm in the market for a Mini Cooper S. Have a £5k budget and im struggling to decide between getting a late R53 with Supercharger or a newer R56 with turbo.

Seen both in budget, with aircon, bluetooth, cruise etc etc but struggling with deciding which way to go.

Will be mix of short country lane runs and motorway mileage.

Helllllp... need to make my mind up and probably get one bought before the end of the weekend.

Appreciate any and all view points. ???
4 to 5 years is a lot of time difference and the gen 2 cooper s is a bmw designed car where the gen 1 is a rover group designed car, i feel in many ways better than the later cars.. the den 1 cooper s on 2006 is best of the gen 1 cars has the later coated charger on it, but this its a 2006 car, depends on what you want a reg number or a car better to live with i would feel, one down side you might come up against if ever had to claim on insurance whats the value of a 2006 gen 1 car in the eyes of the insurance company, might asking for a agreed value or at least they tell you what they feel its worth,, just in case have accident and you lose a lot of money on values,
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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