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Cooper S body kit

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Does anyone know where I can get the body kit to make my Cooper look like a Cooper S?


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I believe sell the cooper s kit and everything that you need to make it look like an s... bonnet, body kit, badge, skirts, spoiler etc...

Hope that helps :)
ebay or a breakers yard are far cheaper to get the bits, might take a bit of hunting down and work, but thats where I would start;)

Thank you both for the advice!.

hi there, I recently done the same conversion to my mini One and it looks fantastic, I was lucky because a fairly local MINI2er had some S bumpers going spare and I bought them, your best bet would be to check local breaker yards and ebay, there is actually a cooper S front bumper on ebay at the minute , it might be worth a look :) :)

Ebay: Cooper S Front Bumper

Jp :cool:
Hi JP,

Do you have any pics of your cooper S conversion?

Did you tell the insurance company ?

Would adding a cooper s kit affect the Manufacturers warranty ?


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Alex there is a few pictures in my gallery but there are not the best quality, I havnt had the time recently to get some updated :rolleyes: :p

I contacted my insurance co, and told them that I added new bumpers which are standard on the Cooper S, they took a note but didnt increase my preimum ;)

TBH I didnt think about the warrenty but I cant imagine if they are standard bumpers on the S that it would be an issue :confused: :)
Hi JP,

do you have the cooper s bonnet on your mini ?


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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