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Ive been away from MINI2 for a few years now after selling my Black One back in 2006 but im BACK with a vengeance.

After my mate Stevie got his new Cooper and my Dad bought an S ive fallen for the
Bini once again. Not named him yet but here he is.

Sept 2007 BMW Mini Cooper S, 4600 miles
Lazer Blue with Black Roof.
17" Flame Alloys, Chilli Pack, Piano Black Interior, iPod interface.

Aero Kit coming next week with Black Bonnet Stripes.

I absolutely ADORE it. Its the fastest car ive driven to date and its like taking a rothweiler for a walk. When you floor it, it just pushes you back into the seat. Amazing power.

Ill be holding onto this one!


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Looks great, and welcome back to MINI ;)

There were a few of the NI guys out for a photoscoot today too - hopefully you'll catch up with us sooner rather than later :cool:

Oh, and why not check out the 2 day run, the Irish Job that's coming up at the start of September if you want to test the new S out with other MINI mad eejits :D (See the link under my sig for more details ;))

Health to enjoy the new toy!
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