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Cooper S on Saturday!!!

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OK, all of my bi**hing and moaning is finally over.

My Chili red/white Mini Cooper S is now at the dealership waiting for me to take it home!! I'll pick it up on Saturday.

It was unloaded off of the Tanabata (not Ton of Butter, thank you) in Charleston, SC on May 10th and has finally completed the 200 mile trip to Greenville, SC.

Why, you might ask (I certainly did), did it take soooooo long for my Mini to get through the vehicle processing center (vpc)? Well, it seems that after the car was checked out at the vpc and before it was put on the truck - - they lost the car keys! What can I say? Well, after a brief search, the vpc ordered replacement keys from England. The keys arrived either yesterday or today and my dealership called me at 2 PM to tell me that "The eagle has landed." (Thanks Neil Armstrong!)

It turns out that my dealership had made repeated inquiries through the usual channels (BMW facility in Greenville-Spartanburg) to find out what was going on. They could not get an explanation. Finally, we got in touch with the BMW/Mini SE area representative on May 31 and asked him to intercede to find out what had happened to my car. He made inquires and on June 3, called us and told us what had happened. The rep was embarassed that there was an internal communication issue between the BMW factory and the Mini dealership and he was astounded that the process to get replacement keys took so long. Both he and my sales person apologized abundantly for what had happened.

Well, I work for a large company and I certainly know that internal communication issues can crop up from time to time. The key is to learn from those situations and to take that opportunity to improve the process.

I really think that BMW/Mini should develop a process by which their dealerships are routinely informed of the status of "their" cars that are in the vpc. That would save everyone needless worry and angst. When we know what is going on , we naturally feel better - given the fact that in cases like this, there is nothing that we really can do about the situation.

Happy Motoring (y'all)!
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Something tells me your not going to get much sleep tomorrow night.:D
fpsprite said:
The key is to learn from those situations........
he he he........:D

Seriously though, congratulations........:D
fpsprite said:
"The eagle has landed." (Thanks Neil Armstrong!)
I think that that code signal was actually used in World War II. Was it to inform Winston Churchill that Hitler's sidekick was it Himmler? had landed in England for secret talks to end the war?

Regards, ElTel
The Eagle Has Landed

The phrase "The Eagle Has Landed" has been used in two places:

1) Neil Armstrong to confirm that the first Lunar landing had been successfully achieved.
2) In the novel "The Eagle Has Landed" by Jack Higgins. This WWII novel is about the story of a Nazi plot to assasinate Churchill. The quote is used in a transmission to Berlin. You'll have to read the book. Cos I don't know anymore!
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