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Hi there guys

ok, I do realize that's a very banal one but I'm just amused by the idea and I'm wondering whether perhaps I'm missing something here... ?

First let me ask, did any of you buy the original Mini Cabrio Outdoor car cover?
Item number 82 15 0 392 061

The cover comes with really nice bag for convenient storage. The only problem is tho, that the bag itself is permanently attached to the cover - from the inside. It's actually stitched to the place where front window meets the bonnet. What is even more curious, is that the bag has all around, very large and rough looking ZIP. So if the cover was placed properly, you end up having the bag underneath the cover, laying on top of your bonnet scoop and the wipers. Possibly scratching the paint with the zip. Especially taking under consideration fact that the way you lay and stretch the cover to fit it well, will definitely force the bag to move around.

Perhaps someone figure out, it will be cute to have the bag attach so you don't need to keep it away, you can just fold the cover back in to the bag . It's stitched so closed to the cover that it's hard disconnecting it w/o damaging either one.

What am I missing here ?


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