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Cooper S seems down on power, any ideas?

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I have just got a used April 2003 Cooper S, has 91,000 Miles on the clock.

The car seems to be a bit down on power, there is none of this 4000 RPM boost the people talk about. :(

Looking at the Super charger belt, it seems to be worn the outer edges have a "xxxxx" effect and is just under half way through the "O" hole in the tensioner.

Many people have mentioned a compression test, what should I expect? and how are things usually delt with? I dont like the sound of having a new head or anything :(

Also would it be worth getting the inter cooler cleaned out?

Any advice would be much appreciated, hopefully will be getting it down to "ThinkMINI" soon enough.

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as always first thing to do with any used car is full service, then you have piece of mind it'll be sweet on you.

i'd suggest full fluid change, supercharge belt change (might as well change pulley whilst your at it), and leak down/compression test
just a thought but with that sort of miles on it, your supercharger might just want a service.
the 4,000rpm boost is the cam coming into its power band but should be more around 3-3.5k rpm. The SC boost also rises with revs which helps it feel more lively with revs..

I would change the pulley for atleast a 15%, new shorter belt, new plugs, oil change and compress/leak down test. If its still down on power a quick monitor of the boost from 2-7k rpm might be interesting. :)
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