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Hey hancafe:

I have a recently acquired 2011 SD (2.0l) which had 20k on the clock, in mint condition with full dealer SH (and here's hoping they did the scheduled work as I don't have any receipts).

It goes well on 17 inch non-run flats. I'm getting around 47 mpg on average, but of course all mpg depends on the lead in your foot and the type of roads you drive. My commute is around 11m each way and an average speed of 40 mph, so few opportunities to 'warm the tyres'. Most of my usable torque is below 4000 Rpm anyway. I had it stage 1 mapped to 180 bhp and this improves the feel of low end acceleration so I don't feel the need to thrash it. If I do a long run the mpg goes up a bit, if I use the gears it can quickly drop to 42 mpg (using my maths as a guide not the onboard computer which my calcs suggest is optimistic)

At weekends I take it out for longer runs and make a point of getting a shift on where legal / safe, partly on purpose to clear the dpf, and partly 'cos it's fun and a ragtop. So I'll end up doing around 10k miles a year

Given the advice above, I suspect I'll keep it for 4 years max and part-ex it before it gets to 70k.

Oddly, when I bought this I had exactly the same choice as you - JCW or this one, but having had so many issues with a 2010 MCS I didn't want the uncertainty of a JCW with 55k on the clock as it felt 'loose' and the trim had been unloved; If these engines are not properly cared for, they just develop issue after issue (mine did). If you do take care, they are great.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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