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Still debating this one (with meself of course) :p

Really desparate to change the BMW and Shell is changing anyway, so I could Spec meself one and move to a facelifted320 Sport in a few years! :)

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Just specced mine came in at 17K :D:D used the cooper speccer and added 1100 to the final figure :D:D just waiting for the Stealer toget back to me :)
Just out of interest what sort of spec was that for 17k?

I'm trying to persuade my brother to get one of these rather than a used Leon TDI :(

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PW/B bonnett stripes
chili pack
flame spoke alloys
anthracite roof liner
hifi upgrade
storage pack
sports suspension

think that was it

i am banking on it having ASC+T as standard like the old one D

Total MINI dot com!!
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aren't rules made to be broken? :p
Not in speccin threads, they are made from lessons learnt;)

Jo had resisted MFSW on her last two MINI's but I put my foot down for this one and also whenever I drove her last MCC I would always make a point of highlighting how I missed it;)

Now she has it, she would never go back, the fact that you can flick channels, tracks, adjust volume without having to use the tricky stereo controls is a must on the R56, and she also likes that she has her bluethooth working through it too:)
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