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Im off to JCWorks at the end of the month to have my current Classic Cooper Sports serviced. While Im there Im going to talk to the Sales team about ordering my Works S. Im shocked that if I order it from them I will not receive the TLC. Its alot of mucking around to order the car from BMW, then drop it off at Coopers and wait again for the converstion. Ive waited 5 years for this car! I know another 2 weeks will not seem that bad but I just want to drive the damm thing!!!! Whats the feeling about this on here??? Cheers
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Wait the two weeks and get the TLC:)

The works is going to set you back enough, so unless you have money that grows on trees you may as well save some money on the servicing;)

But if I go to the BMW garage, the waiting lists have rocketed since the press photos, even though I was the first person in the world to put an order on for one (it was done with the Managing Director of Mini, Trevor Hougton Berry at the London Motor Show a few years back.) Ive not heard a thing from it!

Ive got to deal with stuck up BMW sales people in my local BMW/Mini garage (well, Mini salespeople that know nothing about the Mini people) who keep asking for £2k deposit! Are they having a laugh or what!!! Least the lads at Coopers are well on the ball!
Just take the plunge! Got to JC works, get the Sooper Cooper, live happily ever after. Shortest distance between you and happiness is through the John Cooper Garage!!!! :D :cool:
Thanks for the comments!

Im like a kid on Christmas day, and have been since the motor show in Birmingham where they first showed the car!

Wanted the S then, so put the only pre order form in that was available on the stand. Boss man (Mr Houghton Berry)asked what we had ordered and said that was the first one for the S he had seen. Then showed me a mock up photo of the S from Germany that had two different types of wheels (one set on each side). Asked me what one I prefered, and I said the deeper dish one. havent seen the wheel on the car since though. The other wheel is the one they have on for the press shots (one the blue cooper s).
Been waiting ever since! Still cant decide on colour though. She wants black, I want something brighter. The yellow is a bit soft (in colour), but does remind me of the britax coopers which I always wanted to do on my ole 68 cooper S years ago. (never had the balls to re-spray it though!). Only 5-6 Months more waiting!!!!!!

Ive read a couple of reports in the car press that say with 200 odd brake horse power the Sooper Cooper (I like that!) will out accelerate the odd scooby! Thats enough for me!
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I've got big plans for my "S", as well. I figured it out. The WRC Rally Super 1600 MINI Cooper will have approx. 200hp. The MINImum weight for the car is 2100 lbs, in that class. That makes a power to weight ratio of about 10.5 lbs per horse. My MINI wil probably weigh in at 2500 lbs., so that means, in order to keep the same power to weight ratio, I will have to be making 238hp. I've got my work cut out for me, but I think abything can be done. Especially with a supercharger.
wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!:D :D :D :D
There's no point in waiting two weeks. The conversion invalidates the TLC hence why you don't get it.

Oh btw all JCW's cars come from a BMW dealership anyway. Chandlers in Worthing.
That's it! You've officially run out of excuses! Don't forget to post some pics! :cool:
Ginge said:
There's no point in waiting two weeks. The conversion invalidates the TLC hence why you don't get it.
Oh well in that case curly27 go for it:)

didnt realise all of the works cars came from a BMW dealership

Hopefully all the docs show JCG as the place where it was registered etc etc

Ginge, Can you confirm that is the case and have you any pics of your car up yet?

Oh and are you getting an S Works as well?
Ginge said:
The conversion invalidates the TLC hence why you don't get it.
I went to see them about getting my cooper converted and they told me that the TLC would not be invalidated. If you buy a car direct from John Cooper Works, the TLC is not available.
if that is true it would p**** me off aswell - have no problem JCG doing the servicing but paying ££££ more will be slightly annoying

can anyone confirm the definative answer to this?
That seems strange to me.

All JCW's MINI's come through a BMW dealership anyway so I don't see why buying one from them or buying one from BMW and taking it to them would make any difference.

I'm not bothered about TLC anyway I'm already saving money because of longer service intervals over my old Mini anyway. Would have been nice to know I could have had it though if what you say is true.
The only people who can confirm the definitive answer are BMW.

Oh and if you have TLC then the car will have to go to a BMW dealership not JCW's to be serviced.
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