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Coopers s clubman big end bearing

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i was driving my car the other day and a awful rattle in the engine started. I have had a mechanic out to look at it and haven't driven it since. he has advised that the big end bearing could be the issue and a replacement engine would be my best bet.

The car has done 97k miles and is a 2010 mini John copper works S Clubman.

My question is do i repair it as the cost of approx £3500 ish or do i sell it as is and get a replacement car? Money is tight and I'm not clued up on cars so i couldn't do the work myself.

Help please.
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has anyone done a oil pressure test on it, they knock like hell when the top gude of timing chain tensioner wears old, also before doing anything else get someone to check the water pump pulley and the rubber coating is still present and no bits missing and also check the drive belt,, honestly when these break up they sound like the bottom end is going to fall out,, also drop the engine oil leave it to settle over night and pour out the oil without effecting the bottom of catch can and check for shiny particles if crank is nailed it will look like petal black paint, those engine dont tend to do the crankshaft in much unless run low on oil alot or headgasket failures and water in oil will hurt them,
At that age and mileage I would guess it'll probably need more work soon or later.

JCW engines from ebay costs ~£2000-3000 (and you won't know any history about the engine with regards to servicing etc...) when I looked last year and labour costs to remove and replace engine probably £1000+. Plus you're probably be looking at replacing other parts in the engine bay as well.

Getting the engine rebuilt probably won't be any cheaper.

Unless you can get a good replacement engine and have a good mechanic working on it, it's a tough choice to choose.
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