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I've been searching the archives and I know this has been covered before so apologies, but what are everyone's opinions on the diffences between the Cooper and the One.

Reason I'm asking is I've been given a One for a week while my Cooper recovers at my dealers and in a way I find it quicker? Not all out but just at lower revs etc

I know the peak torque is produced at a lower RPM and that the gearing is quite different, as a comparison what is the top speed in each gear from everybody?

I managed about 70ish in second in the One and I think it's more like 60ish in the Cooper. When I was in Germany I managed nearly 100 in 3rd in the One.

In the archives the general census is that the Cooper is more flexible to drive, I actually find the One more flexible than my Cooper, it pulls better in second at low revs (low rpm torque peak) but obviously looses out above 5000rpm where it feels asthmatic in comparison.

What I'm wondering really I suppose is, is my Cooper OK if a One feels more flexible around town or have I been given a particularly gutsy One? (it only had 700 miles when I got it as a courtesy car compared to over 5000 on my Cooper)

Any opinions?


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