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Important Update

All OGGYed out :D.

1. Wylie_eyed(lunch confirmed)
2. Laptop(lunch confirmed)
3. Emz(lunch confirmed)
4. Jeff(MINI Cornwall Member)(lunch confirmed)
5. Max & DCFKAN(lunch confirmed)
6. Shedend(lunch confirmed)
7. Laur(lunch confirmed)
8. Hurrens(lunch confirmed)
9. Tigger, eeyore, & roo(lunch confirmed)
10. MINI Poser(lunch confirmed!)
11. Pam & Pat & Karina(lunch confirmed)
12. cooper_sport(lunch confirmed)
13. Stacey(MINI Cornwall member)(lunch confirmed)
14. Beastmaster & Peanut(lunch confirmed)
15. Lawrothegreat(til lunch)
16. Tinkerbell(lunch confirmed)
17. We One(evening only)
18. Trebor(lunch confirmed)
19. MINIWAYNE(lunch confirmed)

20. Twiggy(Leigh)
21. Twiggy(Gemma)
22. Kathryn's parents(new MINI Cornwall member)(lunch confirmed)
23. Sharon(MINI Cornwall Member)(lunch confirmed)
24. Stacey(MINI Cornwall Member)(lunch confirmed)
25. Bishjnr(lunch confirmed)

26. Em & Andy(lunch confirmed)
27. Roy R(MINI Cornwall Member)(lunch confirmed)
28. Darren (all the way from glastonbury)(lunch confirmed)


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scooperman_uk said:
Wylie, I would be up for this and im sure other SCNM club members would too!

There was going to be a cornwall weekender this year but if fell through as the member running it went AWOL on here.

my thoughts for the time of year, would be when it warms up. early summer, no bank holidays as Cornwall tends to be grid locked on those weekends :(

Re accomodation: a location that has hotel and campsite for those that cant and can camp.

I have a preference for a family friendly campsite with a pub preferably onsite or near to the site :D , must be in the near vicinity of a cafe that serves clotted cream scones all day ;) if its near the beach then it would please the kids and i can do the MINI run bit...;)

making it a long weekend i.e. friday night until sunday afternoon.
Thanks for those points. the site i have in mind has both static caravans and camping facilities, it also boasts an indoor heated pool and is right next to the beach, also there is a good pub at the entrance and an american type diner..

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I appreciate that may is quite busy for many and there will be a few who can't make it but with the following weekend being a bank holiday also run to the sun will be on you can imagine what the roads into cornwall will be like :confused: :( :mad:

Therefore I will stick with the 20th of May but would appreciate as much support for this event as poss, from the conversations i have had with a few people the formula that i have come up with seems to be quite appealing so it ought to be a whole lot of FUN :D

come on you know you all want to

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scooperman_uk said:

clotted cream teas
real ale

the rest is negotiable...

i think its important to set a date.

auto test sounds fun...
always loved treasure hunts.
Date is set for the 20th May.
Real ale, the pub at the end of the campsite does such delicacies :D
Pasties??? thats why it's called the oggy run :cool:
Clotted cream teas, i'm sure something could be arranged (Emz thats your dept) :p

shedend said:
Caravan for me - don't do lying on the ground - well i do but at my age just cant get up again after
age has nothing to do with it, it'll be the cider :D

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MINI Poser said:
If you wouldn't mind putting me down for it...should be good to visit the area after not being down there since the eclipse...those traffic jams still haunt me- 6 HOURS :mad:! Should be a good laugh...but after talking this through with shedend, wouldn't the locals have a bit of an advantage in the old treasure hunt :confused: ?!
consider yourself put down :D

as for advantage???? no-one will have an advantage as i expect most of the cornish lot to be helping me with the organising...... and as Emz said with my clues you'll think the times crossword was easy :D :D

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Pam and trainman added. It´s 27 degrees c and blue skies... beer is lovely and cold and i´ve spotted a MINI, reckon there can´t be more than one or two on the island...

see you all soon

Wylie :cool: :cool:

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EMZ said:
Now you've done it you two! :rolleyes:
I said i had to keep the thread going not turn it into some smutty little off mini topic thing ;)

Mind you that person who at this minute is sitting on a sunny beach somewhere, is in big bother when he gets back! I've just read the first message on here again! :mad:

[Quote: Originally Posted by wylie_eyed]
To make things fair, everyone who participates in the autotest will do so in the same car........ a MINI D (thanks Emz)

Cheeky G** ;) Just because with all the fuel his would use it would cost to much! :D #

(Love you really Wylie ;) )

person is still sunning himself in between swims and beer consumption :D

Back tomorrow so you can have a go then.... love yah tooo Emz

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pam35 said:
Still here Emz, don't worry.

Wish I was on a nice warm beach like SOMEONE we know. B****y freezing innit!!!

Passing the time at the moment choosing which 18" alloys I'm gonna get when I win the lottery......and looking at private number plates at DVLA website I can't afford. Its no good, I'm gonna have to sell one of the kids :eek:

(Only joking K )

ask pat to sell his TVR then you can afford both a number plate and some 18 inch alloys :D :D

anyway i´m nice and golden, all relaxed and spent up back to freezing blighty at some ungodly hour of tomorrow morning

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