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Having had a bit of a search thru I found no reference to cotswold Hereford so I thought i'd write up about my experience with them.

The dealership is veryclean and smart as you would expect with a fair new building.

My first experience of the Mini salesmen was very positive, the first saleman(can't remember name) hadn't long started with the Cotswold group bt seemed very excited to be selling Mini's escpecially the Works demo he was using to commute with(lucky git!), he passed me on to Kevin who again was very friendly and seemed to know his stuff about mini's.

After a week we had a test drive in a MCS which was a little shorter than I would have liked, but i was so excited about driving 1 that it didn't really matter.

While going thru the spec Kevin didn't always try and sell you the expensive options, only the options which he thought were worth it.

As we placed our order before the facelift Mini had been released we poped back on several occasions to have a look and to change the spec(3 changes in total) which he never minded doing.

When it came to picking up the car when it finally arrived, Kevin actually collected us from home(12miles each way) to save us having to take 2 cars back(we were keeping the other car).

I would definately recommend Cotswold Hereford and Kevin to any-one else, once the servicing starts i'll post any more thoughts.
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