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Countryman 2013 D Automatic

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Hi folks,

I've been searching for information on what kind of auto transmission is in the 2013 D countryman but I can't find a definitive answer. CVT, Steptronic, or standard AT.

It's on 48k miles and suddenly vibrating. It's quite severe on acceleration.

It'll be going back to the garage asap but if anyone has any pointers to common causes of vibrations like this please let me know. It feels like a worn manual clutch, but could just be an unbalanced wheel or a bearing. So frustrating.
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When I was looking for Mrs AsdaJnrs Paceman I also looked at Countrymans with auto trans and what I gleaned they are an Aisin 6 Speed traditional fluid driven torque converter transmission.

I think it will be the TF60SN.
It's quite robust and is used by varying vehicle manufacturers but if the fluid is contaminated or overheated or the level is too low varying symptoms present themselves.
I've not happened upon your particular symptom, normally it's banging into gear or refusing to change to higher gears.

They do have clutch packs inside which run in oil. I suppose it is possible they could be damaged. Equally it could be debris in the transmission valve body which directs the fluid around the transmission according to road speed/gear selection.

Auto transmissions such as the Aisin respond well to a full fluid flush and refill.

Often or not there is a "transmission adaptation" program to be run by you workshop via diagnostic computer. This should take into account any wear inside the box.

If your garage is a omni-competent establishment be mindful that often or not a garage will sub-contract this kind of work to an auto-trans specialist or will just recommend a reconditioned transmission which they will no doubt obtain from said specialist, so if you're footing the bill perhaps go direct to the specialist....
but before you do, are you sure it is transmission judder? like you would get on a manual car when the clutch is worn? Or is it vibration from worn driveshaft CV joints that increases with a throttle press and decrease a with throttle release? This can also be accompanied by clicking from the drive wheels on full lock.

After all the above there will be someone on here who has no doubt suffered your issue and can guide you further.

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