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Countryman Cooper S ALL4 rough idle when cold, very slight surge when driving

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Not sure how to explain this well, but my Countryman has developed a slight issue - after starting up for the first time (when cold) idling drops quite low, but after a few minutes, idles perfectly. Plus, when driving, I can feel the engine appears to have a very slight (almost imperceptible) surge - under acceleration, the revs appear to be variable, but really only by a small amount.

Any clues?
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which engines is it,
Hi Mike, it's the 1.6 petrol version
Hi Mike, an interesting outcome regarding the slight surge.... I checked the oil levels and the oil was quite low (about 1/3 full), so I filled it up and the surge appears to have gone! Am checking oil levels weekly now, I thought the oil usage issue had gone away after the recent double oil clean treatment, but I was travelling long distances (about 600km per week) at motorway speeds, and my mechanic said that high speeds (140km/h) would use more oil..... and I didn't check the oil level for 2 weeks, so it used about 500ml of oil in 1200-1400km
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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