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Countryman F60 LED bulbs

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I have a 2018 F60 countryman any ideas what LED bulbs work in the headlights tried two different types one type had 360 degree adjustment but th eauto lighting can't cope I end up blinding on coming traffic gone back to normal bulbs.
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Have you tried rotating the LED bulb adjustment, as most will have adjustment so that you can get the beam correct.

Not sure if you seen this

Also worth noting the cheap LED bulbs you can buy from ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress etc... will not give you the best results unless you try countless ones.

Also the type of headlight housing is important to the type of LED bulb you'll need, it isn't straight forward plug n play.
I have seen the video but these are H4's my Mini is H7's and yes i have 306 degree rotation but the beam is never the same due to the auto light system.
It doesn't really matter about socket type as the main principles are the same. These YouTube videos will help explain LED bulbs

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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