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Hello everyone,,

Very excited to own first Mini. Mini Countryman ALL4 2018 with 9Kmiles on it.

Mini Dealer cannot release it to me? Evidently, as of 8/20/18 a "recall" placed on all Mini Countrymans '17, '18 & '19 models.
Dealer knows very little about this. I typed VIN # into Safety & Emission Recalls page at but it has not been updated since 8/17. I phoned Customer Relations, and told this was for a "collision protection plate for the fuel pump" and that it is a new part, new addition for the car. No public-facing notices of the recall will be issued until they have more information on the solution.

So will I be waiting weeks, months or years? Anybody else in the same boat? (Hard to watch the end-of-month blizzard of Mini Countryman advertisements.)
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