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Hi - I have recently purchased my first car, a Mini One (6-Gear 1.4) and I’m having trouble already with the clutch, specifically with getting into 2nd gear.

Unless I manage to hit a real sweet spot when going into 2nd gear, the gear rejects and crunches leaving me to have to fight with it mid-drive which is not ideal (as you can imagine) Is there a knack to it? Or is it looking like a complete replacement? I’m doing all of the regular things, clutch right down etc.. but sometimes it gives a real crunch and pulls back into neutral.

I have read several other posts re: troublesome 2nd gear, however I haven’t found one that pin points a resolution. If I were to go to a garage I wouldn’t have the foggiest about what to expect and consequent price rage. Ideally if we could replace only what needs to be done (I’m aware that’s quite the idealist approach, but you’ve got to have that mentality)

Having only purchased the second hand car less than a week ago, and me being a broke student, whats the best option to tie my finances and the car over?

Thank you in advance! Anything will be greatly appreciated!

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