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Would you buy a MINI again if your next MINI is as good as your current MINI?

  • Yes. I am very satisfied.

    Votes: 18 51.4%
  • Probably. On the whole, I am satisfied.

    Votes: 11 31.4%
  • Possibly. I'm not very satisfied.

    Votes: 4 11.4%
  • No. I am definately not satisfied.

    Votes: 2 5.7%

Customer Satisfaction Poll

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Now that you have had a good drive in your new MINI you should have formed an opinion on how good it is. With hind-sight most of us would do some things differently. The question is, " With the benefit of hind-sight would you still buy a MINI?"
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Yes. I would by another MINI cooper!! In hindsite I would have bought it 6 months later than I did (October delivery) to let the niggles get sorted!!! :)

Sorry guys---would not touch a new mini
maybe try again in 12 months
Re: NO

jonw said:
Sorry guys---would not touch a new mini
maybe try again in 12 months
Hi jonw. Do you own or have you owned a new MINI already? :confused:

HI indieblueone
My girlfriend owns a black mini one---which has been a big disapointment from the word go!
Ok its good to drive (although very slow), handles fairly well(although lots of understeer) and it's good to look at.
However--there are big problems with the car exhaust,trim,pulling to left,windows,etc,etc---I think the car is ok for an enthusiast---but for an average punter ie my girlfriend--time off work--call outs--visits to the dealer, are not what its all about.
Please don't think I'm being negative--It was me who persuaded her to get the car-----Its just a big mess at the momment and the dealer concerned in leeds have been rude, unhelpfull, fraudulant and I believe they don't really want to be asociated with a circ.12000 car.
It's got to the point now, where my girlfriends health is begining to suffer because of all the problems!!!---and at the end of the day if BMW have brought out a car with this many problems, why should the first batch of owners be test beds for their development crew?
All she wants is her money back now but BMW don't want to know.
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jonw. I am very pro-MINI, but I see your point! New car from a new dealer is needed I think.
Satisfaction, , , Absolutely!!!

I have an Indi Blue and White Cooper. It's the most fun car I have ever driven. My wife loves it too, but because my MINI is MINE, we have ordered one for her. Should be here in September.

6,500 miles, no problems, no complaints, just a great experience and the opportunity to own one of the truly unique cars.

I think the power is good. Not a rocket, but good. When there are four of us big boys in it, one does need to give it some extra throttle. But, what would you expect with 115 Hp. Keeping it under 90 mph is a problem, the little car wants to run. If you understand higher RPM (read "peaky") engines, it's not hard at all to get along with it.

I would have difficulty inderstanding why anybody would not want to own one of these. But thankfully, not everyone does.
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