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Guess what, my dealer sent an email yesterday evening on my business mail :mad: (could only read it this morning) telling me to quickly come over and work out the administrative stuff because my car is... there!!! (was ordered mid-May 04)

Now I'm so excited, can't wait tomorrow evening to collect it. Maybe I get to see it today...

I'll post pics as soon as I will stop driving it, and the wheather here in Switzerland is now perfect for roof down experience.

Here's the sepc I'm dying to collect:

MCC Solid black
Chili pack
Octagon panther black
Sports suspension
Exterior/interior chrome line
Visibility pack
16" star wheels
Rear windshield
Rain dedector stuff ++
Alloy patina
Sports seats
Auto A/C
Boost + HK


Look Ma I'm flying!!
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I know how you feel - 7 hours to go until I collect mine!! :D

MCS Convertible

Black with black roof
Chili pack with 17" Bullets
Sat Nav
HK & Boost
Heated Seats
Black Leather
Chrome everywhere
Auto AC
Rain sensor
Lots of other extras..

Can't wait, to finally get it. Same the weather isn't quite so nice up here today.

Cheers, Peter

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A phone call from my dealer yesterday...... sorry, your MCC will be delayed (for the second time) another week, to the 6th August! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!. a real pain as we sold our MC last friday so no longer have a car.
I guess they have no control over what happens at the factory, but annoying non-the-less.
Interestingly out of the two MCC in HO (one of them being ours) that have been ordered through this dealer, both are being delayed... is there a conspiracy to keep the HO off the street I wonder??

After much ranting at the unfortunate sales guy, he did offer us one of their MCC demo cars to use in the meantime. A poor substitute I know, but hey, we pick it up friday (30th) and so we're going to make the most of what looks like to be the only summer weekend in the UK this year.

Look Ma I'm flying!!
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3 hrs :D :D :D

Alzy Mac, sorry to hear about your delays, I haven't been to the factory but it would seem that they like to manufacture in colour batches. The July MCSC batches seemed to be Hyper Blue then Cool Blue then Black looking at the cars that are already out there.

Hopefully you'll be able to get some fun in the dealer car at least.

Cheers, Peter

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Just had a call from my dealer this morning (Derek Woodman, Blackpool) to say my beloved Cool Blue MCC has arrived :D :D :D :D

Due to hassles I am not going to collect till Saturday morning but like you guys, the countdown has begun.

I feel like a kid again waiting for Christmas day, only I know what my present is and I can't wait :D :D :D :D
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