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Damaged RH mirror cap

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Ooops, I clouted my right hand wing mirror on the garage, and badly scratched the mirror cap. :eek:
Couple of questions:

1. BMW are quoting £58 for a replacement, that sounds like the price for a pair!

2. Anyone got a black RH cap that they don't need after fitting something else?

3. Are the JCW carbon fibre ones really €250 as per the prices on the JCW carbon fibre products thread??

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TURB CAB said:
Cheaper to have it repaired.
What do you mean? get the plastic cap re-sprayed?
why not just have a look on ebay. i saw a pair of black caps go for £10 the other day and some genuine carbon fibre ones go for £30.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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