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DDE issue

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Help, Again!!

I have a non start issue, it turns over freely, and tries to start, however fails!

I have the following fault codes via ISTA+


Does anyone know where the fault lies? I have checked the description of the fault, however no further forwards. I have checked the relays in the engine compartment, however they are fine. Clutch depress is fine, no clicking at the starter, engine turns and tries to start?? All help and advice greatly appreciated...



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common for cas unit failure,,
what you can try and if its only a software brain fart will sort it,, its called a power latch reset as per below,
Hi Mike,

Thanks for this, car almost started, then back to normal not starting! If I replace CAS with a 2nd hand unit, is it just plug in and play, or is there any programming to be done? Such as keys?
programming involved , if you almost had car started then its not cas unit at fault, as when cas unit fails its total no go
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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