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My Cooper S is at the dealers all day tomorrow to diagnose & fix the follwing:

Pulling to the left
Boot lid catch knocking
Shaking when pulling away at low speed
Steering knock/clunk/click/tap
Door card rattle
Passenger headlight intermittently out

I've already had a new headlight charger unit fitted and the light is still faulty.

What I want to know is, if the problems are not fixed tomorrow.......then what are the dealers excuses/explanations likely to be if the faults can't be fixed?. They obvioulsy have no idea I read the faults & fixes board here, so they may think that they can fob me off with my faults being isolated incidents.

Are they likely to say that these faults are normal Mini faults etc?
What explanations have been given by the dealer when collecting your cars after having the above problems looked at?

Replies appreciated and any advice on what to tell them also.
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